The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 84: Meditating. Everywhere


I like my grilled cheese with pepperoni. :3

Last time; there was this super short chapter where the kids grew up and… not much else.

Aren’t you going to meditate too, stinky Herman?

Herman: Nope, have to max the skill first to be worthy.

Dafuq? Yuck! No flirting you two! DISTANT INCEST WARNING! D:

Ham: Daughter of mine, I heard your distant relative in the same age as you recently got his driver’s license. Would you like me to teach you to drive?

Peanut: Yeah, sure.

They don’t even get into the car before Peanut gets her license.


A little police badge Peanut got from a field trip.

Keavy: Eek! That shark wants to eat my behind!

Peanut: Oi, I’ve heard your bitching about being forever alone. Could you stop, please?

Monkey: Nope. But I can grow up and continue to torment you.

Peanut: Fffuuu…

Enjoy this super creepy ghost story via only expressions by Peanut.

Time for prom! Sugar’s formal is not a failure I think.

Poor kids had to run so far. Logic?

At least they made it before dark.

To a prom, where the only other participants are face ones.

A party full of face ones. *Shudder*

And now, enjoy some inappropriate incestuous activities in pop-up form.

Yay! :D

Ew! D:

Peanut became queen. :D

Since when is Peanut a “he”?

Peanut-off-screen: I told you I was king!

So this means you can’t go to prom as friends. Silly.

Peanut’s photo.

Sugar’s photo.

Despite my efforts, these two became romantic interests.

So I have Peanut ask to be friends, but it’s not well received.

It’s only Sugar who gets the negative moodlet though.

So, in hope of making things better I try this nifty action called “smooth recovery”.

But it just gets them back together, so I have to break up again.

I did this three times before I realized what smooth recovery actually accomplished.

Sugar will still be pissy about it, but I had Peanut ask him to become best friends forever.

He was smart enough to agree to it.

Peanut: :D

Sugar: I am happy yet heartbroken at the same time! Woo!

All the adults are on the “free vacation”, so of course I have to have a party…

Until the grown-ups come home early.

Peanut: I don’t know why that woman is so mad.


Sugar: Whee! I got yelled at!

The crowns, plus a heart-cut vampire stone (whatever its name is now again).

Now what is going on here?

Err… okay?

Until next time… in the last chapter. Eep!

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