The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 85: So It Comes To An End


Last chapter… about dang time! ;P

Last time; quite a lot of romantic drama between Peanut and Sugar, but they ended up as bffs.

Let’s get this out of the way first, Chester completed his LTW.

Also, gifts from their after-school activities.

The ghosts just have to make an appearance in the last chapter.

Here are Astrotrain and Emerald.

Wolfgang and Cale.

Pollen and Bronson.

One of them tried to burn the house down.

What a scumbag.

Cute little lunchbox thing Peanut got from a field trip.

Peanut: This was a bad idea.

Peanut: Blaaargh!

This thing, I think Sugar got from… somewhere.

Herman: This view is amazing.

Graphite: Yeah…

Graphite: But the paparazzi are a blight.

Ghost dancing, yay!

Jell-O: Boo! You suck!

Victoria: Shut up, you kids just don’t know what’s good.

And then Peanut pranked too much or something, and now she’s stuck sneaking.

All the time.

Cute trophies from the kiddies’ school clubs.

Nooooooooo! D:

Bernard: The last chapter I’m in and it’s in this position? Le sigh…

Keavy decides to die on the last chapter.

I’ll miss that crazy woman.

Sugar: Aaaaarrrghhblubblubbblubb!

Before they grow up, here are their skill count.

Sugar has okay skills.

Peanut on the other hand has maxed several.

But that’s because she’s a vampire.

Only five skills here which she didn’t max.

Finally, cake time!

Special red sparkles, nice.

Next up is the soon to be an adult, in white.

Ass shot. What was I thinking?

Peanut is still sneaking. Fffuuu…

Peanut’s last trait is schmoozer, and her LTW is Celebrated Five-Star Chef (which she rolled herself).

I think I redeemed myself with Sugar’s outfits. He’s now nurturing, and his LTW is to become a doctor.

Fitting, since that’s what his dad wants him to do.

For some reason I wanted Peanut to become a non-vampire.

I think she looks more sharp as a vampire.

Still sneaks, though.

Adulthood means graduation.

I guess that is why he became king at prom.

Peanut is voted most likely a rock star, a probable career for her if she didn’t already wanted to become a chef.

Let’s put a use to the ol’ time machine in this last chapter.

Sugar: Do I have to go too? Yes, now jump in there!

Peanut: That. Was awesome.

Sugar: I saw a dragon! Squee!


Elderly creepy woman with a cane: Kids these days can phase through walls? Neat.

Victoria: Who is this kid?


Explanation: It’s not creepy incest, because you can do this stuff while being bffs.

And so the Regnbåge Legacy comes to an end.

I have some small things planned for the family, but not in the form of a chapter. It’s been fun with a mix of occasional frustration.

So, until next time… ?

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