Jurassic Park


The game for the SNES, not the movie.

After viewing this I got the urge to play this game. My brother had the game once, but he loaned it indefinitely to a friend of his in exchange for stupid Brett Hull Hockey. This still annoys me, because anyone who is remotely sane would not switch dinosaurs for hockey.

Yesterday I finished it in one sitting. The nostalgia factor made it quite entertaining, until a certain point.

The outside parts are the most fun, but those parts are the ones I suck at. On the other hand, the inside parts are not so fun, but it’s so damn easy I can’t suck at it even if I wanted to.

Pretty much all the time you get pop-ups from the characters from the movie. Nedry always tries to get you killed, what a douchebag.

The controls on the inside are… bad. Why is it so hard to go through a door sometimes? No wait, not a door. There are always two doors, wherever you go. All the places have at least two floors. All the items on the inside respawn, while the dinosaurs do not. Which makes it easy to hoard rocket launcher missiles.

There is one instance where you have to stop the raptors (who look fat in this game) from going into the visitors center, by going to their pen and block a pair of doors. Well, you push a crate once, and the game says it’s blocked. But it’s actually not, since it’s not even close to the doors.

Good points: the music (although it tends to get whiplash-y when walking near the border of two “zones”), dinosaurs, objectives makes sense.

Bad points: no ability to save, inside areas, that flippin Mr DNA who pops up 2 seconds after you stop moving.

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