Monthly Archives: July 2012

Swedish radio


I’m disappointed in you right now, Swedish radio P4.

You’re broadcasting from the Olympics, but all you talk about are
competing swedes.

Over and over and over and over…

There’s nothing to hear from other competitors.

Adventures in Skyrim


Just some stuff that happened.

While learning a new Thu’um (the whirlwind sprint one), the demonstrating Greybeard flew up high in the sky for a little moment.

On my way exploring Whiterun Hold, I came across a dragon. In my attempt to get to a proper place to fight it I accidentally crossed a mountain, and I had to go all the way around the mountain to get into the hold again. I unlocked the Fire Breath shout with the soul, by the way.

When I first got into Riften and first heard about the obviously not nice Maven woman, my first thought was: “I can’t wait to murder her.”