Monthly Archives: July 2012

HK season 10 episode 14


The food theme made me hunger for a Chick-Fil-Gay.

Also, first time I became sad at an elimination.

After almost two months waiting…


… there is Mountain Dew to be found on the world food shelf in this one particular store.

Only this time the cans were different. For one, they were smaller. For the other, it’s german. Normally it’s imported from the US.

I only bought one can, which I will save for some special time.

HK season 10 episode 12+13


I have no idea what the purpose of the wing eating contest was for, except showing off… I guess.

The blind taste test I do love though. Surprising it took 10 seasons to get a person guessing 4/4 foods correct.
What I also like is when they make their own menus (even though team mates often get excluded).

It’s episode 13, and no black team yet. Huh, this will be interesting.

Gene observation


This is perhaps quite pointless, but I want to do this anyway.

The Regnbåge Legacy, genes through heirs.

Eye colour: mint green – light blue – orange – dark green – dark green – dark green – dark green – light blue – light blue – dark brown – light blue

Hair colour: dirty blonde – dirty blonde – dirty blonde – black – black – black – black – black – dark purple – dark purple – dark purple

Skin colour: from pale pink to darker

Ears: regular – tiny – tiny – tiny – tiny – tiny – tiny – regular – regular – regular – regular

Drawing late tonight


I had like 12 hours today, where I could’ve finished a drawing I’m working on. Instead, 90% that time went to Pokémon breeding.

I was only planning on breeding a Totodile with a jolly nature on HeartGold for SoulSilver. I got it, yes, but now I have almost 3 boxes full of Totodiles. It took about 4 hours or so.

Now I hope I can at least finish the rough colouring before bed.