Monthly Archives: September 2012

What the heck…


So it’s past my bedtime, I’m watching an episode of a show before going to sleep, and all I can think of is making that delicious chicken spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach dish. What is wrong with me? Unless I forget about this after sleep, I will probably make it. But first I have to buy more lunch-boxes. I only have one empty left.

Dorm life


The doors here have pretty pathetic isolation. Whenever someone cooks food in the kitchen, the smell seeps into my room very quickly.

Sometimes it smells delicious, which in turn makes me hungry, which makes me drink more water to drown my hunger, which in turn forces me to visit the bathroom times than I’d prefer in one day.

Sometimes, it doesn’t smell delicious. Like last night, someone was cooking food around midnight and the smell was burning. I had to smell my laptop several times, because I’m quite neurotic about that. If I smell something burnt, whether it is food or smoke, while I am at my computer, I have to smell it to make sure it’s not frying.

Same thing with noises. Last night, and today too I think, there was a noise coming from upstairs which sounded like a computer-sounding sound. Of course I lean to the right to listen to my laptop whenever that happens. Luckily, my laptop is quite quiet.