Pets & Showtime Adventures Part 1


The week before I went back to the Capital for further animation studies, I reintroduced my computer to The Sims 3. I took the opportunity to play a bit with Pets and Showtime (no other expansions were installed, by the way), and this is the result.

We’ve seen this girl before. It’s Macaroni from way back in the yellow generation!

I gave her a colour palette of spice brown (her favourite), plus her generation colour. Also, toned down her hair colour. Since her eco-friendly trait is gone, she is now an equestrian.

And this is her horse, Potato. A default female shire horse, who’s a piggy, fast and obedient.

Someone else who is here, is her sister, Egg Yolk. With toned down hair too.

Her fave colour is sea foam. Yep. She changed her perspective trait into cat person.

This is her cat, Corn. She’s a default himalayan, with the traits lazy, proud, and clueless. I basically picked the fattest and derpiest cat I could find for Egg Yolk.

Next up is Balaenoptera, the blue whale. She’s the only one who’s hair colour I did not touch.

Her favourite colour isn’t black (it’s lilac), but it fit into there. Bala got two new traits in place of disciplined and adventurous; animal lover and vegetarian. She got no pet of her own though.

Lastly, we’ve got Spruce who has gotten ear surgery.

Favourite colour is lime, which is nowhere to be seen in his clothes, ha. He switched adventurous for dog person.

His dog is named Pea, and she’s a default pomeranian. Because Heidi 4 Paws. Skittish, neat, and likes swimming.

This is where this chapter ends. I’ve divided all the pictures I took in play sessions, and this was the first one. It took a damn long while to outfit everyone, hence the short chapter.

Action to be promised, next time. This is also where I realize I put Macaroni with three insane sims.

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