Monthly Archives: October 2012

Late night post about games


So I’m home right now, where my lovely desktop is plus stable and fast internet. The evening I arrived, which was saturday, I went on a shopping spree on Steam.

I purchased; Fallout Collection (with 1,2, and Tactics), Fallout 3 GotYE, Hearthfire and that other one (DLC for Skyrim), Left for Dead 1+2 (they were on sale), McPixel and Limbo.

A problem has surfaced though, which sounds really petty now that I think of it. I can’t pick one game and stick to it for more than an hour. I want to play everything, in every combination. Though Limbo and Fallout 1 are going quite well. Limbo can be frustrating at a few parts, but it looks beautiful. Fallout 1 has great atmosphere, but I feel like I’m wasting so much time in the game on wondering what the hell I’m supposed to do. If you don’t know, in the first Fallout game you have 150 days to find a water chip for your vault. The way the game is played is something I must get used to too. It’s turn-based, with a lot of text to read. It looks like it’s from 1997, with no settings for graphics, because it is from 1997. I’m getting StarCraft vibes from it, it’s actually gorier than StarCraft too. Probably because I set the gore to its highest. Also, the game shits itself during cutscenes, because of the way colors are handled.