Pets & Showtime Adventures Part 2


This is the house I bought for the family I created in the last part.

This is what I built for the family (all of whom are siblings, to prevent incest by the way).

And this is where I test out interactions.

Starting with Macaroni and Potato, because horsie.

Time for a ride!

If she can manage to climb up.

Almost there.

There we go!


Cute hug. :3

These guys still exist.

Spruce and Pea wants some screentime too.

Two hydrophobics.

Talking about hydrophobia. Yepp.

Time for trick training, which doesn’t have a progress bar. Progress bars are for newbs.

Meanwhile, butts are hurting.

But horse snuggling makes everything better. :3

Pea: I have fleas now, and you have to bathe me. Muhahaha.

Pomeranians eat with their behinds. You learn something new every day.

Corn hasn’t been bothered at all. She’ll get some screentime, soon.

Don’t eat that Corn! That’s where Pea’s butt has been! D:

Corn hunts… something I can’t remember.

Macaroni: Time to train jumping!

Macaroni: Wait a minute… This is a horse bum.

Time for an impossible-because-Pea-has-no-collar dog walk!

Time to learn another trick. Sitting 2.0?

Macaroni: Faster, Potato! The ice cream van is getting closer!

The pair do reach sanctuary, thankfully.

What is going in that door over there? Horse/wall orgy?

Jumping has mixed results.

And we top that off with a jumping contest, where they do not win (I think they came fifth or something).

Until next time…

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