Monthly Archives: December 2012

New Vegas achievements


I’m surprising myself in my recent drive in getting achievements. Right now I have only 6 more to get (two for the House ending, three for the Legion ending, and the three star GRA one).

Today I became impatient and finished the game, earning me the hardcore mode achievement for it. I don’t think I’ll return to hardcore mode, unless perhaps on a unarmed or melee character. I went the NCR route this time around, which wasn’t as satisfying to me as the independent ending. Mostly because I had to blow up the Brotherhood, and in the end the Followers got kicked out of Freeside. Oh, and they put high taxes in Goodsprings.

Getting the two caravan achievements were very tedious. I get the basic idea behind the game, but I don’t understand why I lose sometimes. I had almost 60 losses by the time I reached 30 wins. I played mostly against Ringo (the dude whom you can choose to help against some Powder Gangers), until the bets were so high and I kept losing too often. After failing to steal my money back from him, I shot his head off and everyone became angry with me. After that I played against Cliff Briscoe (the shop owner in Novac’s dinosaur), which was very easy. Lastly, I played against No-bark (Commie ghosts!), who was being a douchebag with all the jacks he used, but easier to win against than Ringo. I never want to play caravan again.

Something very hilarious happened, while I was picking pockets and killing White Gloves at Ultra Luxe. I picked the pockets of the gamblers, and immediately after I shot them in the back of the head. Everyone around me didn’t panic (I was hidden), and instead they said “ugh”. The obvious murders, and exploding heads are apparently annoying to Ultra Luxe patrons.

I have the urge to start playing my scientist character I worked on last month but isn’t finished yet. If I do start another file, I know I will feel a bit disconnected once I resume playing in April. Should probably finish the character and play something else. I’m kinda halfway through the first Fallout (I’ve just delivered the water chip so I can fuck around how much I want), and I’ve bought quite a few games on Steam. If I’m effective, and lucky, I can probably finish a playthrough of Kotor 2.

New Vegas happenings


Been playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas ever since I got home. The driving force to play at the moment, is that I am in reach of the “play from start to finish in hardcore mode” achievement. I both like and dislike hardcore mode. I like the sleep, food, and hydration bars, even though the sleep bar has a tendency to bug on me some times. I once over-dosed on Pork ‘n Beans. What I don’t like is that ammo has weight. When I play New Vegas I take everything I see, which means I’m over-encumbered a lot. It’s very frustrating.

At the moment of writing I’m about halfway through Lonesome Road, and I am attempting to get all the achievements I didn’t get the last time I played. You can get rich very quick in the Divide, if you know the commissionary money trick (eg. the caps replenish after you make the terminal’s current caps drop below 200).

Yesterday I also got the GRA one star achievement. It completed after I killed Mr House with a golf club. I could’ve completed another two star challenge while going Mojave Chainsaw Massacre on The Fort, but after I remembered the last save was too far away for me to bother. So I won’t get the two star GRA achievement this time around I think.

Shopped around a bit


I bought two Dead Space novels. I really like the Dead Space universe, but I haven’t ventured into the extended universe yet. I also bought volume 19-21 of Berserk.

Lastly, the Expendables 2 dvd. The gag reel was disappointing, but the audio commentary and the behind the scenes part were very interesting. There were also one part about real-life mercenaries, and the other was a segment on action movie history.