New Vegas happenings


Been playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas ever since I got home. The driving force to play at the moment, is that I am in reach of the “play from start to finish in hardcore mode” achievement. I both like and dislike hardcore mode. I like the sleep, food, and hydration bars, even though the sleep bar has a tendency to bug on me some times. I once over-dosed on Pork ‘n Beans. What I don’t like is that ammo has weight. When I play New Vegas I take everything I see, which means I’m over-encumbered a lot. It’s very frustrating.

At the moment of writing I’m about halfway through Lonesome Road, and I am attempting to get all the achievements I didn’t get the last time I played. You can get rich very quick in the Divide, if you know the commissionary money trick (eg. the caps replenish after you make the terminal’s current caps drop below 200).

Yesterday I also got the GRA one star achievement. It completed after I killed Mr House with a golf club. I could’ve completed another two star challenge while going Mojave Chainsaw Massacre on The Fort, but after I remembered the last save was too far away for me to bother. So I won’t get the two star GRA achievement this time around I think.

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