The Big Post About The Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition Card Deck


Two days ago I personally opened my F:NV CE card deck for the first time ever. I also read the graphic novel All Roads, which was quite good. Anyway, this is basically a post commenting on most of the cards in the deck.

I’ll begin by saying that the backs of all the cards are not the same. There’s Vault 21 (I think 21 was a gambling-centered vault), Gomorrah, The Tops, Bison Steve, Ultra-Luxe, Lucky 38, Atomic Wrangler, and the Silver Rush.

The four suits are divided into four factions: diamonds for The Strip, clubs for the Legion, spades for Freeside, hearts for NCR, and the two joker cards are Benny and the Courier (with appropriate backs for both of them). There’s also a card with caravan rules, which is good for those who like that card game, but I don’t.

All of the character cards have quotes from the character on it. And you can easily notice that the deck was made before the game was finished, since not all characters look like their game counterparts.

I’ll start with the hearts (NCR), since that is the suit which starts in a card game I know called Seven.

Next up, spades (Legion).

  • 2: Dead Sea and Alexus.
  • 3: Ulysses. If I had looked at the cards when I first got them I would probably be confused, because he’s nowhere to be found in the base game. Now that I do know him, I don’t think he fits into the Legion section but whatever.
  • 4: Canyon-Runner.
  • 5: Aurelius of Phoenix.
  • 6: Siri. One of the few characters in the deck who look stunning in comparison to their game-counterparts.
  • 7: Cato Hostilius. Looks way to muscular, but I like it.
  • 8: Speculatores. Never seen in game, but are basically scouts.
  • 9: Frumentarii.
  • 10: Praetorian Guard.
  • J: Vulpes Inculta. He’s got white hair, and is more good-looking than allowed.
  • Q: Lupa. Lupa the dog. I love the quotes on the card.
  • K: Caesar. He looks cooler on the card to be honest.
  • A: Legate Lanius. The mask looks badass, both on the card and in the game. Worthy of the ace spot.

Next up is clubs, also known as Freeside.

Lastly, diamonds (The Strip).

And that’s about it for this thing. If you’d like to see all of the cards uninterrupted, you can look at them here (which is also the source for the images I used).


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