Half-Life 2


So yeah, last week I completed my first playthrough of Half-Life 2. I have to say I didn’t understand much, at first. Let me recite what I knew of Half-Life before I played the game: headcrabs, the gravity gun, Gordon Freeman, starting with a crowbar, everyone wants Half-Life 3, and this lovely thing. After I finished the game I read up on the game a little and understood things much better. Turns out, the Combine are aliens, headcrabs are aliens, and those other aliens are, well, aliens, and G-man is an asshole. In my little research I found out that there are quite a number of expansions to both Half-Life and Half-Life 2, I added those to my wishlist so that I can complete the experience whenever another Steam sale comes along.

What did I think of the game? It was very good, I enjoyed the gameplay, graphics looked nice, I wish I would’ve found the subtitles selection earlier, and even though I knew nothing of the game before it I could understand the overall plot of this one.


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