Why I disappeared for a while – a ramble


Short story: I returned to playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, after not playing it for three days. The story in the game was so good I simply had to play like crazy to get to a good point to stop at.

Spoilers for SWTOR, if you care about that. I just have to vent and ramble for a bit.

So, to begin with I was playing on my Sith Warrior. Now I have mentioned my characters on SWTOR before on here, but I might as well tell who my warrior is.

Her name is Loyageah, she’s a sith-pureblood, tall and muscular. She’s the best Sith ever, ruthless, merciless, loves killing, undefeatable, passionate, fierce… etcetera. Though she’s not the type of Sith who plots, and sends other people to do her dirty work. She’d rather deal with things herself since she knows she’s great. I like playing with her since I normally don’t play evil characters when you have the choice.

Anyway, I was on Voss when I returned to playing. I went through the quests there quite thoroughly, and meeting the Voice of the Emperor was quite exciting. The Voss and Gormak are interesting species. After Voss, I was getting more excited since the story were heading to Corellia where we’d meet Darth Vowrawn, the only one keeping Darth Baras from becoming the Emperor’s Voice.

But before that, we had to get some transmitter, according to Quinn. Now I gotta tell you about Malavai Quinn. If SWTOR wasn’t an MMO, and I’d be able to make a billion save files, my warrior would not romance Quinn. But since it is an MMO, I did let Loyageah romance Quinn just to see what would happen. Making another female sith warrior just to romance someone, would take a few hundred hours. I refuse to do that shit. So in my headcanon, they could be romancing a little, but not go as far as they did in the game. Them getting married and talking about future offspring is complete crackship to me.

The transmitter needed to go to Corellia was a complete lie, Quinn betrays you. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand it makes sense, since Quinn has been an agent of Baras ever since you met him on Balmorra. On the other hand, why would Quinn think he could sick two robots on you and expect you to be defeated. After all the things my warrior went through, Quinn should know she’s undefeatable by now. I was very happy that you could choke Quinn after kicking his ass. Though in my head, Loyageah would not let him come back as easy as he did in the game.

Corellia was a complete rush. I avoided all other quest, just went straight from class quest to class quest. Those trains were nice though. So I save Vowrawn’s ass, even though they still thought I was Baras’s puppet at first. I had to kill more secret spies, the one who was a Jedi I stabbed and that was it for her. I didn’t even kill the other Jedi there. I say it’s because Loyageah was just as excited as me in getting closer to a final confrontation with Baras.

I wasn’t that surprised to see that your former master had imprisoned an entity of the dark side. With all the shit you discover about him, there’s probably not much that he hasn’t put his fingers in. Like Draahg. I did not expect him to come back. He died quicker this time though.

So, finally. After Corellia you return to Korriban to confront Baras. Returning where you started this whole journey.

You confront Darth Baras in front of the Dark Council, both claiming a connection to the Emperor. You say you are the Emperor’s Wrath, he says he’s the Emperor’s Voice. You are right of course. A battle takes place to see who’s right. The winner gets to be right.

Now the battle for me was pretty tough, but only because my equipment wasn’t up to snuff. If I had gone through the quests on Corellia, I would probably have had it easier. The battle had two phases. On with a masked Baras, one with an unmasked Baras. Hnnnnng!

Let’s talk about good ol’ Baras. I like Baras. He’s a good character. I love when you can talk back to him, like when I refused to bow to him when he became a member of the Dark Council. One thing special about Baras is his design. He wears a mask, and a nicely designed one at that.

You know how when you play a game, watch a movie, or read a comic, and you come across a masked character. And then you spend a long time with that character, whether he’s your traitorous master or not. Sometimes you might wonder what they look like behind the mask, but after a long time you decide it’s better to keep the mystery alive than see what they look like. I would’ve preferred it if Baras had kept his mask on, but I understand why he did so. It’s for drama and character. He didn’t look very special behind the mask, that may or may not be a Darth Vader reference.

In the end, the Wrath is badass and right. Baras is stabbed with a lightsaber, and you are recognized as the Wrath. The sith warrior’s storyline is pretty classic. Betrayal is a way of the Sith, you are expected to surpass your master via murder.

Now I’ve got tons of optional shit to do. I went on that jawa balloon yesterday on Tatooine. Never again. I have to figure out where to get some better equipment too. My warrior has artifice as her crafting skill, which only benefits force users. I’m trying to spend my lower quality crafting materials on crafting purple mods to sell on the GTN, to make space in my cargo bay.

I originally wanted to write about some stuff that happened with my smuggler too, but now I’m too tired. I’ve written a lot. The word count is over a thousand now. I don’t have as much to say about my smuggler as I did about my warrior anyway.

Might write more rambles at a later time, it felt good to vent a bit.


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