Regnbåge Legacy Sim Downloads


I used to have them, but for a long time haven’t. Now things change. Have some sim downloads.

Keep in mind, most of the sims are in their toddler form or something else, since I am insane and saved a billion versions but didn’t keep track of which was what.

Founders: StevenSofia

Yellow Gen: PollenSharkMacaroniEgg Yolk

Orange Gen: GerberaPyrokinesisChalcedonyKaylynn

Red Gen: SteakTenderloinRochelleVictoria

Purple Gen: CyclonusGalvatronAstrotrainBronsonSkywarp

Blue Gen: HepaticaMytilusCaleWolfgangBalaenoptera

Turquoise Gen: GrænblárEmeraldTirkizanModrozelený

Green Gen: SpruceCactusLeprechaunMortimer

Lime Gen: LimeWireLime Jell-OKeavyLimelightChartreusePrincess CakeGilbert

Black Gen: GraphiteHermanCoal

White Gen: Sugar

Others: HamChesterPeanutMystery Time Travel Child also known as Antwan

If you have any questions about any clothes or hair or whatever these sims wore in the chapters, send me a question in the comments below.

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