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My day today


I’ve written down a few points which I want to talk about in different posts, but I don’t think I’ll write them good since I am a bit tired. Instead I’ll talk about my day.

I woke up before my alarm, which is something I usually don’t do. It is rather strange for me to wake up on my own when I know I have set an alarm. Since I have no clock nearby I can’t see how long until the alarm rings, and also can’t decide whether I should get up or stay until it rings. Today I was awake for maybe a minute or two before I heard the alarm slowly fade in in volume.

The weather today was rainy. Very rainy. It is a nice change when yesterday the sun was shining in full force all day. Rain is nice when you are inside, but I had to head outside anyway to school. I officially graduated yesterday, but I still have to clean up my spot. Today I brought home my puppets. Puppets which I don’t know what I’m gonna do with completely. Some of them could possibly star in a future project or be test subjects for a shot.

Once I returned to my apartment (which is rent-free in June, yay), I was tired, and a bit sour because my socks got wet in the downpour. I was actually going to take a nap a while ago, or something. I brought my laptop to bed and proceeded to play The Binding of Isaac. After finishing Cathedral for the first time ever, I was not tired anymore. And then I moved to my table and wrote this.

Next I think I’ll continue hatching some eggs in Pokémon Pearl.

I miss them already


I just started watching season 9 of Pokémon, which is Battle Frontier. Basically a filler season where the group runs around in Kanto and does stuff. I have no problem with filler seasons or episodes, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about.

With season 9, the dubbing changed company from 4Kids to Pokémon USA, and all the main characters changed voice actors. It sucks now, but it’s actually just a matter of getting used to it. I remember it took a while for me to get adjusted to the second Meowth. I think the voice actors I’ll miss the most are Brock and Team Rocket, they were just so perfect. But I did think the new James did a good job in the episode where he had to part with his Chimecho. Also, Corphish’s new voice just sounds… wrong.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits


Saw it today, it was awesome.

  • It’s stop motion animation with puppets, from Aardman Animations (the people behind Wallace & Gromit), which is refreshing to see amongst all the 3D animated movies that are many nowadays.
  • The attention to detail in the background is amazing, you’d have to watch the movie many many times to notice every little detail.
  • The story is quite original, it doesn’t include any clichés at all.
  • I think Pirate Captain and Pirate with scarf should get together.
  • There’s a woman dressed as a man in the crew, but there’s no big deal about it through the whole movie. That. Is brilliant.

So yeah, watch this movie. It’s a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to get the DVD. Don’t watch it in 3D, ’cause 3D is stupid and adds nothing to this movie. Thankfully I didn’t watch it in 3D.

So far the movie has only been shown in European countries (+Colombia). The US has to wait until the end of April. It’s like The Adventures of Tintin all over again.