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Pokémon-related rant


I should be sleeping, but I need to get this off my chest first. So apologies if this seems a bit scattered (or very rambly).

So, I finished the Diamond and Pearl series of the anime, and have now seen the first two episodes of the Best Wishes series. The transition into the new series was very abrupt I thought. The other series’ transitions were much smoother as I recall. It’s like, all of a sudden Ash, Oak, and Delia fly to Unova for “research” (just look at Oak’s outfit). Then all of a sudden scumbag-Zekrom visits Nuvema (twice) and starts shooting lightning everywhere, causing Pikachu to become “electricity-sick” again (it’s like the third or fourth time). So when Ash battles his new obvious rival Trip, despite the fact that there’s something wrong with Pikachu, Ash doesn’t stop the battle for obvious reasons and loses to a newbie Snivy.

I hate that Ash acts like a derp, and doesn’t mention he’s been travelling for like a billion years and has been in four conferences and conquered the Kanto Battle Frontier. He acts like he’s new to everything, which is not how he acted in the other series when coming to a new region. The narrator tells us in the first episode that Ash is still ten years old, which is total bullcrap and I don’t believe that at all because passing of time has been mentioned at least three times so far in the series.

I have to say though, that I am very pumped and excited for the new series. Probably because the previous series lasted almost 200 episodes, and a fresh start is always nice. The new Team Rocket is very intriguing, they won’t blast off anymore though. Time to get serious and shit, with this distinctly different region. The new style of the character doesn’t bother me, though the attack effects doesn’t look as fast and sleek like they did in the previous series. They seem kinda too flashy and slow, but I can get used to that. As I have to get used to the first series without Brock (Orange Islands doesn’t count since that was only one season, and part of the Original Series).

The Diamond and Pearl series was very sparkly (mostly due to Brock). I have seen a few BW episodes before. I saw the one that introduced the fabulous Burgh, and the episode about Iris’ Excadrill (which is the one episode which pretty much made me like Excadrill). The BW series will also be the series I haven’t watched bits of on TV previously. I watched almost all of the Original Series, most of Advanced Generation, and a little bit of Diamond and Pearl, dubbed to Swedish on weekend mornings on TV.

I think I’ve said the things I wanted to say. Lastly, I have to admit, when Piplup cried in the last DP episode – so did I.

Tobias in the Pokémon Anime


I think Tobias is a big cheating poopyhead with his legendaries. Although, I do understand why he’s so overpowered. They blew all of the season’s budget on the three episode epic battle between Ash and Paul, so they had to wrap things up with a kinda humiliating losing battle in one episode. At least Tyson in the Ever Grande Conference was likeable and had a badass Meowth wearing boots and a hat.

I miss them already


I just started watching season 9 of Pokémon, which is Battle Frontier. Basically a filler season where the group runs around in Kanto and does stuff. I have no problem with filler seasons or episodes, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about.

With season 9, the dubbing changed company from 4Kids to Pokémon USA, and all the main characters changed voice actors. It sucks now, but it’s actually just a matter of getting used to it. I remember it took a while for me to get adjusted to the second Meowth. I think the voice actors I’ll miss the most are Brock and Team Rocket, they were just so perfect. But I did think the new James did a good job in the episode where he had to part with his Chimecho. Also, Corphish’s new voice just sounds… wrong.

Takin’ Naps


A few days ago I had a five hour one.

Just now I had a three hour one, and I continued to sleep in the most uncomfortable position just because I wanted to find out what happened next in this dream I was having.

In the dream there was a father who was trying to rescue his son from some bad guys. The son was in a chest in an egg shaped capsule. The bad guys had one of the subtle Team Rocket themes playing whenever their presence were near, they also put big cats in baskets in the same room where the son was kept but were too stupid to see the father hiding in one of the baskets. I’m pretty sure the father and the son were pokémon, but I can’t remember which. Also, I think there was a flash back with more music from the Pokémon anime, this one theme which usually plays when legendaries or psuedo-legendaries are featured.

Now my head hurts a little bit, from what I do not know.

Garfield & Friends


Garfield has always been quite fun for me, the comic and the cartoon. My brother has 2 albums of comics lying around in his room, they are hilarious. I remember the cartoon to be not as entertaining, but it was nevertheless enjoyable.

That was then. Now, the comic (which I read in my local newspaper in strip form) has become quite dull and uneventful. I re-watched one episode of the cartoon today, and it wasn’t all that fun. It was, to be honest, lame and didn’t hold up to the memories I had of it. Perhaps my taste has changed? I doubt it. I’ve revisited many of my childhood memories in these last few years and they still held up (especially Ed Edd n’ Eddy).

Maybe it was always a bit dull, and I had nothing better to do? At the moment I’d rather not continue watching it, before I sour any more memories.

Entering The World Of Fanfiction & Fan Art Yet Again


Yesterday, when I should’ve been working on my presentation for today (it went great btw), I was squeeing late at night.

I had taken the careful steps into the universe of fanfiction & fan art, into another part of it.

There are many childhood memories of cartoons and games I hold sacred, and I have more or less taken a silent vow not to ruin them with the above.

Because as many probably know: What has been seen can’t be unseen. Or read when it comes to fiction.

Point is – I delved into the hilarity of slash art yesterday, the victim being a cartoon I dearly love.

And it didn’t screw me up. Why?

Because I managed to find something believable. It has now set the bar for anything else I might see.

It wasn’t even the pairing I was looking for. Might never find it though, it’s not that popular I think.