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Why Is The Summary Taking So Long?


I have to be honest now. The reason no summary of Avatar is up is because the series haven’t made an impact. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great series and I’d watch it again but there’s no lasting impact in my memories. Normally when I finish playing a game or watching something I get some kind of impact of it. An imprint or feeling, something like that. Like I got when I finished some missions in StarCraft Brood War. Sometimes I forget I’ve even seen Avatar. It’s kind of sad. I mean it’s a great series and all but I just can’t seem to remember it.

If anyone would like to discuss the series I’m all for it, but I can’t really seem to come up with something about it.

Maybe I should watch it again? Or wait a good time?

S03E18-21 – Sozin’s Comet Part 1-4


So it was 4 parts? My math sucks sometimes.

So… It’s over. A summary will be put up later. I don’t have a lot to say. There was a lot of fight scenes, and all of them were awesome! All the loose ends were tied. I didn’t believe that Aang would kill the fire lord but to do something else that stopped him. Taking away his bending included a pretty light-show :). A lot of cameos too. Although I wonder where Aang got those threads. It’s fitting that Azula ended as a wreck, muhaha.

S03E14 – The Boiling Rock Part 1


Another two-parter so soon? Heck yeah! That prison has a very interesting design, although I wonder how the boiling is so consistent. Perhaps it’s one big hot spring, but with much higher temperature. Strange to see Sokka and Zuko work together, an odd pair. And we got to see Suki again! Haven’t seen her in a while. My first girlfriend turned into the moon. Lol.

S03E13 – The Firebending Masters


Dragons! Yay! And apparently rainbow flames. Awesome! So I suppose that they were the Dragons of the East & West. Pretty nice concept that every bending has original benders. I like Toph’s story about her and the badger-moles best. I wouldn’t laugh at a fire dance, those can be very dangerous (at least in other lore). I can’t help but think that the golden egg was a dragon egg, since Zuko said it felt alive. Or maybe it was an egg full of fire? I dunno.