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Entering The World Of Fanfiction & Fan Art Yet Again


Yesterday, when I should’ve been working on my presentation for today (it went great btw), I was squeeing late at night.

I had taken the careful steps into the universe of fanfiction & fan art, into another part of it.

There are many childhood memories of cartoons and games I hold sacred, and I have more or less taken a silent vow not to ruin them with the above.

Because as many probably know: What has been seen can’t be unseen. Or read when it comes to fiction.

Point is – I delved into the hilarity of slash art yesterday, the victim being a cartoon I dearly love.

And it didn’t screw me up. Why?

Because I managed to find something believable. It has now set the bar for anything else I might see.

It wasn’t even the pairing I was looking for. Might never find it though, it’s not that popular I think.

The Boyfriend Complexity


If you’ve seen this episode of The Big Bang Theory (which is an awesome show btw) you know what happened.

And yet there haven’t been any fanfics published on this (at least not at… yet.

Yes, I do ship that pairing.

But what I absolutely can’t ship, because it’s highly illogical, is Sheldon and Penny.

Hall of Awesome


This is a small section where I’ll post some fanfiction that I think was awesome (or good enough to be mentioned). But the most important aspect of a fanfic, to me, is that it has to be believable.

New finds will be shown in cursive, but I wouldn’t count on updates that often since you have to dig deep in the piles of crappy fanfics to find the gold.