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Inpromptu The Lonely Refinery Taste


Because I got it for free outside the store I just went to. I also killed the backside of my feet because I used my boots without socks.

Looks like space food. It’s German. It’s not unusual to find it on the streets of the capital (literally). Mine is orange.


It tastes just like MER, another fruit drink popular in Sweden. I guess if you prefer free straws with your drink, and a container that doesn’t return money on recycling, then this is good.

The Lonely Refinery Taste – Sushi, Again


So here I was, about 5 hours before my night train would depart and I hadn’t eaten in 6 hours. Originally I was gonna go to Pizza Hut but I decided to sit down for some sushi instead – at a proper sushi place!

I picked the medium dish, with eleven pieces. You got chopsticks this time (I nicked a pair to take home), and free water but I didn’t realize that until after I had bought a Pepsi.

Let’s start from the top… I didn’t even touch the beige stuff because I knew it’d probably be super hot. There was some red shredded veggie, and (you can’t see it) some shredded pink onion, which were okay but before I could eat them I was full and satisfied. I don’t know what that green shredded slimy stuff was, I only tasted the creepy thing. The four rolls didn’t have avocado, but cucumber instead which was good. But they replaced that with one big piece of avocado on rice! When I attempted to remove it I dropped the rice on the green goo at the bottom and THE BURN! D: And then there was this weird seaweed roll with some kind of mash in it, I think it was crab and something something. Lastly there were 3 salmon, one prawn and the one with the light pink stuff on it. I can’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t bad.

Final Verdict

There was something very heavy about the whole dish. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten it so quickly? It’s still nice though, but I don’t think it’s something you can eat often (like pizza or spaghetti).

The Lonely Refinery Taste – Sushi


I can’t believe it took me this long to do it…

Seaweed tasted like paper (in terms of texture) and kinda plain. The rice was cold and not as salted as I would like it to be, but it works since more salt would probably not work in favor. First time eating crab, not much different from crawfish. The salmon was kinda weird, not used to that state of it. The one in the lower left had avocado in it, yuck.

There were no sticks because it wasn’t a real sushi place. The stuff on the right was way hot for me. I don’t even know what that stuff is, although I think the black liquid is soy sauce.

Final Verdict

I want to try more of this. It was quite tasty. Why haven’t I eaten this before?

The Lonely Refinery Taste – Kentucky Fried Chicken


For some ridiculous reason they don’t have KFC in Sweden. I heard it’s because KFC is too unhealthy… and yet we have like a bajillion Donken’s (McDonalds).

I heard from a classmate that there’s a KFC in Copenhagen, but now knowing where. Well, we found it quite easily when wandering the streets.

I shared a box for two. 10 hot wings. 10 fillet pieces. Fries and cole slaw. I was stupid and didn’t pick the gravy.

The hot wings were too hot for me. Could only eat two. (I’m such a wimp to hot food xD)


Cole slaw, despite the gross name, tastes like pizza salad with cream. And it’s delicious!

Fries are fries.

And we got sporks! My first time using and seeing a spork! IRL! :D

Thank you Colonel Sanders! (Find the Colonel in the picture. LOL) We need more this and less Donken.

Final Verdict

Probably the best chicken I’ll ever get (still have to visit Chick-fil-A). I’ll skip the hot wings next time though.

The Lonely Refinery Taste – Quickie Of Three


So I tasted all these at the hotel room at eleven, bought late at 7-eleven.

I think I liked this when I was a kid. Not so much now though, it tastes way too heavy.

I’ve been wanting to taste Snapple for a while. (Snape + Apple. LOL)

Also, Mortal Kombat reference or Because poor literacy is kewl?

Strawberry and kiwi. Better than mango or lemonade. Well, I thought wrong!

It’s way too sweet! Yuck!

And fun fact: There’s more apple in the drink than strawberry and kiwi put together!

M&M’s… Tastes like Smarties, only the shell is softer on these.

Final Verdict

From top to bottom; Too thick, too sweet, okay.