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Bye old monitor



Went and left the old monitor for recycling today.

It belonged to the first computer I ever played games on. Nostalgic me weeps a little, but reasonable me says it’s too heavy, too old, and I have no place to store it for nostalgia.


Cook, Serve, Delicious! 100%-ed again



Recently, a patch with came out for this game. It added an extreme difficulty, new game+, and five new achievements. When I first tried out the extreme difficulty, it kicked my ass. Probably because it is difficult and the last time I played CSD was in February. Though today I conquered the extreme difficulty and got a perfect day with six items on the menu. My right middle finger is hurting slightly, but it will be fine in time.

Working on a tree


A family tree! Hahaha…

It’s a Sims 3 related thing. You know, I posted an entire Sims 3 legacy on this blog (it has its own page) and back then I didn’t save the raw files. A stupid thing to do if you work with photoshop (or anything digital – always save the raw files).

Back then when I made a family tree, it sucked because not all the pictures were the same size and of different qualities. I’ve taken to work on a new one while waiting for another thing to finish. It’s going very well so far, but the image will be huge. The thing that’s taking the longest is taking new pictures of the family members.