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Two chapters later today


Soon it’s 2am here, it’s a bit too late to post chapters. I do have two written though, will try to get those over with as soon as I wake from sleep (I’d say in 8 or 9 hours), so I can get back to the oh so time consuming thing called the Heroes VI campaign. Also, I need to pay for my Mass Effect 3 that’s in another city, yay!

Merrill Hates Me


On my 3rd playthrough of Dragon Age II I thought I could take the road of little worries, when my internal setting was “do whatever the heck you want now and fix it in act 2”.

Turns out, that strategy is CRAP. Because now Merrill, my subject of romance this time around, hates me.

I better start watching where I put my rivalry and friendship points from the get-go.

Editing Saves


When I got back I checked the DA wiki to see if the DA2 1.02 patch had been released. It had.

After installing it and checking the changelog, I see that the patch does not automatically fix old saves with the slo-mo bug.

So I edited my save, which was surprisingly easy with the help of this person.

Now, I’ll see if I can finish act 2 with my mage Hawke. :)

Unauthorized DLC


For some reason, most of my Dragon Age: Origins have become unauthorized.

This has happened once before, and logging out and logging in would solve the problem. Now it won’t.

I guess it has something to do with me using the daupdater. But I didn’t use it with every piece of DLC.

I’ve skimmed through the support forums, and the solution is apparently not uncomplicated.

Frustrating now that I’ve gotten into the Origins groove again. :I