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I Test-Played The 3DS Today


It was after I picked up some DS games I ordered yesterday (Pkmn W, Pkmn SS, FF3) I tried my hands at a test level of Super Mario 3D Land.

The little circle d-pad was kinda slow to use, but I guess it’s something to get used to. The game looks gorgeous, like they always do with Mario. The 3D works, but you have to be in the exact middle or it feels a bit sickening.

I suppose 3D while on the public transport will result in nausea then.


And That Was That


Despite me forgetting to un-junction Thundaga on Squall and Irvine, it went fine. Omega is a wimp too, but not as much as Ultima.

Was it worth it then? Hell no! (I’ll make this into a gif btw)

The clock ran about 66 hours. That’s 12 more than when I finished the game the first time. All those 12 hours are probably grinding, drawing magic and Triple Triad.

Lastly, this is what I did because I lost a ton of progress in Final Fantasy VII. I still have to finish that game. As long as I don’t get a taste for FFIX again (which is tempting now that I think of it).

100 For Everything


I can’t believe the people who attempt “perfect games”, because this is a real drag and alternate music is required. But for me I can’t listen to elder web shows episodes since if I mute the espxe the damn game won’t start (and it doesn’t have a volume menu. But why would it since it’s for a console originally? Anyway, I blame the emulator), so I have to listen to my phone music list to death.

But fuck all that now, it’s done with. Gonna attempt to kill Omega Weapon (Ultima was a wimp). And after that is Ultimecia, the final boss, and somewhat out of the blue main bad guy woman (her final form is so hawt).

Here’s some evidence of many wasted hours.


Scanner & Papercraft


Just ordered a scanner. It can scan paper (will increase the quality of my portrait sketches), photo negatives (so I can finally show off what I’ve been taking pictures of! I’m so proud of many of them) and reversal film (is that what it’s called? I use the phrase diapictures/diapositives).

Also, I just discovered some new milk carton papercraft. I have a horse waiting and another farmer/human thingie on the dry.

I have also been playing an insane amount of Final Fantasy VIII. I feel somewhat dirty.

Golden Results


Here’s some useless breeding results for ya!

  • Getting male chocobos was no problem at all, the three first I caught were Good (Lewis) and Great (Roger & Nigel).
  • After more attempts I caught some females too, Great (Susie) and Good (Nathan & Alice).
  • Released Roger and Nathan.
  • Raced the remaining four to B rank, an easy feat once you feed the birds with Sylkis Greens (cloned ’em with the W-item trick, ’cause I’m cheap like that).
  • Lewis and Susie bred forth the Green chocobo Alfred, Nathan and Alice bred (after some resetting) forth the Blue chocobo Carmen.
  • Some racing, and fighting, both S rank Blue & Green birds bred forth Black Walter. At first he was a female named Edith, but my new graphic card has taken a liking to crashing while playing epsxe.
  • Went out to catch some wonderful chocobos, Dave and Petra.
  • Back at the ranch I released Dave and Susie, to make room for the last one.
  • Two A rank birds, Walter and Petra, bred forth the Gold Noah.

So now I could go and get Knights of the Round, Mime and HP<->MP materia from their respective caves.

Breeding Is Bullshit


Chocobo-breeding. It’s such a busywork. Like the battle square, the Gold Saucer mini-games, morphing…

Even though Final Fantasy VII is a great game, it’s full of boring, unnecessary busywork.

I’m only breeding chocobos for Knights of the Round (’cause that summon is awesome). Will also try to defeat some superbosses (lookin’ forward to fight Emerald Weapon).

Also, I finally figured out how the stupid card game Triple Triad (FFVIII) works.



Well, where the heck have I been?

Final Fantasy VII.

But I’ve come to a grinding halt, morphing, which is way too much busywork really but I’ll give it a shot and see how long it takes before I say “screw it” and move on with the story.

Although tomorrow, read today, there will be chapters! Woo! And probably something more…



It had quite a bit of FMVs. ;D

The whole space thing seemed excessive and interesting at the same time. If the game was more realistic in terms of art design, would it have been more gory and disgusting? One can only wonder…

So… Great game indeed! Battle speed should’ve been faster, game could’ve been longer. I clocked in around 45 hours.

What to play next…