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Rudy D’Avanzo’s Secret


He’s a cross-dresser. And he tricked you! He deserved to die. Wasting my money and ammo.

I’m still hunting for a rat. When I do something for one guy, it screws things up for another guy who in turn makes me fix it and make it worse for another guy and… well you get the point.

I met Marcy, a random character. She didn’t have long to live so she wanted to go joy riding around the city. Finally another reason to drive around like a maniac!

I’ve been doing a lot of missions lately and ignoring the drug dealing. Weapons cost a lot, and I’ve finally gotten access to the RPG. Haven’t tried it out yet but I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome.

The missions generate little money. At most I’ve gotten 2k. Sometimes you get drugs as a reward. Sometimes you get nothing!

I gotta start dealing drugs again.

Missions Are Fun


Try playing GTA missions, that has a very small error margin, on the train. It’s definitely a challenge.

In one mission you had to throw molotovs on people from a helicopter.

In another mission you had to deliver coke to people on the street, while enemies were shooting at you.

In yet another mission you had to protect the pansy Chan in a boat while on a jetski.

You got to run around and destroy Chan’s merchandise. Chan is a dumbass I think, and not a fun one.

Lastly, of what I can remember right now, there was a mission where you had to evade the cops by performing as a flame-breathing dragon.

Oh, and you had to fend off paparazzi at one point.

More Dumpster Diving


Yes, it’s called dumpster. I said garbage bin for some reason, but the purpose of those two things are the same; to contain rubbish.

I found a moldy hot dog, which I have found once before, and now the head of a fish. I also found another dildo.

I finally got access to a flamethrower! But it was only for one mission, then I got my mini-gun back. You had to torch some gang’s supplies, and of course there was resistance. I’d advise to save the flamer fuel since it won’t be enough to flame all enemies and all the crates. But you can also use the molotovs, if you have any, which is a much faster way to go.

I think I’m up to a 100k with the drug money, there’s not enough apartments to buy. So sometimes I just buy more guns to waste money.

I also found the Liberty City Gun Club. I’ve already forgotten where it is but its location is added under Odd Jobs I think. There, you hit targets (red ones shoot, blue are friendlies and yellow are bonuses) for points. I got a bronze medal with the submachine gun. You have 1 bar of armor, deplete it and you stop. I think I need to practice my gun skills, to maximize my chances of success as the missions become harder.

I checked my stats, and my accuracy is exactly 50.00%. I definitely need practice.

Most Awkward Drive Ever


I met a random character this morning (I said it was encounter in a previous post, but it’s actually called character, so…).

He wanted to be driven to an audition. For a porno. In a limo. With a swarm of women in it. And he “warms up” with them. In the limo. While you drive.

I have no words…

Fun Times In Liberty City


I search through every searchable garbage bin I can find. In these you are supposed to find weapons, sometimes you find something else. So far I’ve found;

  • Handgun
  • Submachine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Grenade
  • Boot
  • Dildo (!)
  • Something else, which I have forgotten
  • Cockroaches, a lot of them

There was this mission, I don’t remember from whom, but you were supposed to steal a gas truck and drive it into a gang hangout. If the tank gets shot then you gotta hurry up, because if the fire catches up with your vehicle – then you lose. And probably die too. It was nervewracking to say the least, because if you’d crash the fire would catch up. Same thing would happen if you took a sharp turn. I was so close not making it, but I did on the first try.

In a later mission you had to blow up some cars, kill some gang bangers and cause some ruckus. It was glorious.

I’m getting a grasp on the story now, it’s pretty simple. Find out where the Yu Jian sword went and find out who killed your father.

I can’t believe I remember the name of the sword when I can barely remember the name of the characters.

Opening – Closing


Here’s some examples from GTA: Chinatown Wars, when opened after being closed.

  • You want a piece of my pie?
  • Welcome to the party.
  • Yeeha!
  • Oh that’s wonderful. (stereotypical Indian voice)
  • My face is melting!
  • Hi.
  • Hey good looking.
  • Woo!
  • Ya man!

And that’s all of them.