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Jurassic Park books


I purchased both books in the Jurassic Park series by Michael Crichton today. I think it will be an interesting read, since I know the first movie very well. Also, Hammond dies in the book so I will be going in to this with a little negativity, because Hammond is crazy and I like him. Though I think I’m going to like it anyway.

Shopped around a bit


I bought two Dead Space novels. I really like the Dead Space universe, but I haven’t ventured into the extended universe yet. I also bought volume 19-21 of Berserk.

Lastly, the Expendables 2 dvd. The gag reel was disappointing, but the audio commentary and the behind the scenes part were very interesting. There were also one part about real-life mercenaries, and the other was a segment on action movie history.

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne


At first I didn’t know which of the Dragon Age books to start reading, they both had 2009 as print year. But when you read the back of The Calling it says:

“Another thrilling prequel to Dragon Age: Origins, the hit role-playing video game from award-winning developer BioWare!”

On the cover there are 2 people, the blonde is Maric in his youth and before he became king, the other man I think is Loghain, because at some point in DA history Maric and Loghain become good friends, as mentioned in the game. In the background there are 2 silhouettes/spectral images of 2 women. Don’t know who they are but I figure I’ll find out as I read on.

Already in the first chapter you get introduced to Maric and Loghain. I’ve heard that this book can lead you to give sympathy points to Loghain if you despised him in the game, which I did. Also, can I young Loghain still have the voice of Simon Templeman? I suppose voices change with age… but when I imagined some of Loghain’s lines from the book with his voice from the game I snickered.

The Stolen Throne (and The Calling) are written by David Gaider, lead writer of Dragon Age. The writing in this book is very descriptive, like Drew Karpyshyn’s writing, but in a medieval sense, since there are no hamburgers in Dragon Age. :D

Correction Addition


I started on Retribution today. I wanted to add something to my statement about  the book yesterday…

Grayson is a main character. Also, returning characters are Kahlee (as expected) and Captain Anderson (heck yeah!), which makes me super-excited.

And Shepard finally got a mention, yay!

Quarians Are Interesting


In Ascension you get a lot of info on Quarians. I think Quarians are a very interesting species. They live on a fleet with 17 million people after their creations the Geth drove them from their home. Quarians have a non-existent immune system from living in such an isolated way and they have to wear environment suits because of that. Their ships are centuries old, and most people see don’t think much of them.

I like Quarians though. They are very skilled with technology (because they have to in order to survive) and stubborn.

Mass Effect: Ascension takes place between Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2, the book was published before the second game. In Mass Effect you meet only one Quarian, Tali, but you can ask her about her people, she’s a good storyteller. Ascension flesh out a lot about Quarians, primarily how they live. In Mass Effect 2 you get to know more about the Quarians (you even get to visit the Flotilla), but not as specific in Ascension.

  • The Quarians live in cubicles.
  • On medium-size ships, where the Alliance would put max 80 people, the Quarians put in almost 700 people.
  • On a ship there’s a trading place, but any currency isn’t used. The people put stuff there they don’t use so that others can make use of them.

That’s the primary things I can recall right now, but the Quarians thought-process and behaviour differs from humans. But then again, all aliens are interesting in Mass Effect. Bioware is god.