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Music Creator 6 Touch on Steam cheap at the moment


I’ve had Music Creator 6 Touch on my Steam wishlist for a couple of months now, because music-making programs are always good to have when making movies. Especially when this one allows you to use the music you make in commercial purposes. I haven’t actually used it yet, but it looks good. For the next 22 hours it’s on Steam for 17 euro (usual price is 50), and here’s a link for the interested. Note: I am an amateur when it comes to making music, but I do know how to edit audio.

Jeremy Soule’s The Northerner


So this is going to happen, and I contributed to it. I donated enough to receive the personalized autographed CD, which is estimated to deliver in September. This is the second donation I’ve made to a creative project (the first was to the AVGN movie), and I feel special, and proud, and happy.

A year of Faunts


I only recently realized that I’ve been listening to the Canadian band Faunts for little over a year now.

It was back in January when I had sent my graphic card for repairs (and in return I got a slightly newer but much more problematic one) and had to resort to the resident old near-death windows xp computer, where I played a ton of online picross.

It’s Friday


I’ll say it straight out. I don’t hate Rebecca Black’s Friday. I don’t love it either. It’s just above the middle ground for me. I like it better than Justin Bieber’s Baby (which I can’t listen to from beginning to end).

After some browsing of the song on YouTube I’ve come across some versions that surpass the original.

In Reverse (where the chorus is the best)

Speeded Up (where the intro is the best)

Slowed Down (where the whole song isn’t included)

Even More Slowed Down (where the whole song lasts about 30 min)

I have to say my personal fave is the last one because it sounds like something out a movie, like the chorus that is oh so ever present in most films to give epicness. Although the rapper part of it sounds creepy.

And that’s about it I suppose. I would like to put this in my One Hit Wonders list but it’s still too early to decide. But you have to admit there’s no way she can ever top this.