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Music Creator 6 Touch on Steam cheap at the moment


I’ve had Music Creator 6 Touch on my Steam wishlist for a couple of months now, because music-making programs are always good to have when making movies. Especially when this one allows you to use the music you make in commercial purposes. I haven’t actually used it yet, but it looks good. For the next 22 hours it’s on Steam for 17 euro (usual price is 50), and here’s a link for the interested. Note: I am an amateur when it comes to making music, but I do know how to edit audio.

Jeremy Soule’s The Northerner


So this is going to happen, and I contributed to it. I donated enough to receive the personalized autographed CD, which is estimated to deliver in September. This is the second donation I’ve made to a creative project (the first was to the AVGN movie), and I feel special, and proud, and happy.

A year of Faunts


I only recently realized that I’ve been listening to the Canadian band Faunts for little over a year now.

It was back in January when I had sent my graphic card for repairs (and in return I got a slightly newer but much more problematic one) and had to resort to the resident old near-death windows xp computer, where I played a ton of online picross.