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My (Former) One Hit Wonder – Euro-Vision


I’m pretty sure I got the sniff of this song from an old Swedish manga forum (that’s not up anymore). After the first listening, I was hooked. I’m also pretty sure that I discovered Euro-Vision after I started getting into Kraftwerk again, in some ways Telex and Kraftwerk are similar (all electronic instruments, similar sounds although their lyrics are very different).

Euro-Vision, you can probably tell by the name, was an entry to 1980’s Eurovision Song Contest. In the video above, you can tell that Telex was way ahead of their time. The audience is stunned and kind of half-applause. Telex didn’t count on taking the first place, they even thought they would come in last, they came in 17th of 19. I love that they don’t move around, in true synth-pop fashion, they just do simple moves.

The lyrics are about the ESC itself, found here. It’s sung in French, but the band’s from Belgium. The song itself is catchy, it’s always fun to listen to French lyrics as opposed to all the English I listen to, and I absolutely LOVE the way Euro-Vision is pronounced. To me, the Swede, the “eu” part sounds like the Swedish letter “ö”. I like that Telex dared to stand out in the ESC world of shlager.

But to the point, why is this a former One Hit Wonder? Not because I now dislike it, but because I gave Telex’s other songs a chance. And they are pretty damn good.

Moskow Diskow

Twist a St.Tropez

En Route

And these are just a few.

I’ve only noticed this now, but Telex’s music videos are awesome!

Telex is still around, partly. One of the members, Marc Moulin died of throat cancer in ’08 (he’s the one without any facial hair, I think). Mr. Moulin was also a prominent jazz figure in Belgium too. Michel/Michael Moers is the singer with the epic beard.

Anyway, check out Telex because they are awesome.

My One Hit Wonders – What Is Love


I’ve known this song since… a very long time. During my elementary school days perhaps? For a long time it was a decent song, until I saw this clip, and it was the only thing I could think of whenever I heard this song. Recently, I put the song in my playlist again and I hear a mix of the clip and something else.

The beat is intoxicating, the lyrics are simple but classic. I especially like the chorus part.

What is love was released in 1993 by Haddaway, who’s still active according to Wikipedia.

My One Hit Wonders – Paper Planes


At one of my art classrooms, this one being in the basement but the printers took over it, we had a computer and some loudspeakers. Over the years, students had been able to put their music into it to listen to. In the later parts of my second year, I heard this song and I thought it was catchy. I wondered what was up with the gun shootings and the ka-ching sounds. I took a while before I got the name of the song correct, since I was being artsy and never wandered up to the computer to check the title. I ended up guessing the name on YouTube, with some faulty results before I got to the right song.

At first I only liked the guns and the ka-ching part, but now I like the verses more than the other parts. I don’t honestly know what the lyrics say, and quite frankly don’t care. When it comes to songs with English lyrics I don’t check up on the lyrics to know exactly what is sung, because it can ruin the song for me. I’d rather stay in the unknown and listen to the musical bits. Music is not something deep to me, lyrics often mean nothing. I just appreciate the composition of sounds.

Paper Planes is a song by British M.I.A, made in 2008. Reading the wiki article, I see that this song has some controversy surrounding it but I don’t care.

It’s a great song though.

My One Hit Wonders – Popcorn


Ah, Popcorn. There’s like a billion covers of this song. But my favourite version, which I’ve had in my playlist for at least 6 years, is the cover by M&H Band. This one has been mislabeled to Kraftwerk for a long time, and I want to clarify that Kraftwerk has never done a cover of Popcorn.

I love Popcorn because the melody is one of the catchiest ever made, and the instruments in this version are awesome. I especially like the part between the “verses”.

The first Popcorn was made in 1969 by Gershon Kingsley, but the tune didn’t hit big until 1972, when Hot Butter made a cover of it. As mentioned before there has been many covers of this song and more will probably come in the future.

Here’s the Hot Butter version, just for fun.

My One Hit Wonders – Divine


I first read about this song in the paper in 2008, when the Eurovision Song Contest was around the corner. The columnist said that this song, France’s entry, was his favourite because it was so different and against the typical Eurovision schlager and ballads that are the usual contestants. Even though I’d never heard the song before, I was rooting for it, but it didn’t win. Around the time, I think, there was a commercial for Renault airing on TV that used the song. I didn’t know it was Divine, but the song was great nevertheless. I don’t remember how I got the sniff about the song again, it could have been the paper again or a forum, I don’t know for sure. But once I watched the song in the finals on YouTube I was hooked.

Normally I prefer the studio version over any live version in music, but in this case I absolutely adore the live version. Entering the stage in a golf car, back-up singers in fake beards and hair, inhaling helium from an inflated globe, Sébastien’s voice cracking a few times… What’s not to love? The melody is catchy and fun, even though I can’t understand most of the lyrics.

Divine was France’s entry to the ESC 2008, sung and performed by Sébastien Tellier. Apparently it caused some controversy because most of the lyrics are in English, it was even brought up in the French parliament according to Wikipedia (Strange, since all of Sweden’s entries to the ESC have changed their lyrics from Swedish to English, although that doesn’t generate more points in most of the cases). Tellier is an established musician since 9 years, so he’s not like Baltimora.

It doesn’t matter if I have the live version or the studio version, both of them are awesome and therefore, Divine is one of my One Hit Wonders.

My One Hit Wonders – Tarzan Boy


I first heard the song in the Angry Video Game Nerd’s review of the third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, he says it’s the highlight of the movie. I didn’t do anything to get to know more about the song, and it fell into oblivion. Some time later, I heard (unknowingly) the song again in DucktaleZ 3. Again, I didn’t do anything. Even later, when I was watching all the AVGN episodes again I scribbled down the name of the song for download later. I tend to do that with songs I find interesting.

I like Tarzan Boy because it’s catchy, like most of my One Hit Wonders are. The beat never gets old and the Tarzan cry is the icing on the cake.

Tarzan boy was released in 1985 by Baltimora. I wasn’t around when this song was released, maybe because I wasn’t born yet, so I don’t know how it got received here at home. Maybe that is why I like it so much? Checking Wikipedia, Baltimora was around for 2 years, released 2 albums and 8 singles. The band wasn’t around for long, which is the case for many One Hit Wonders. They release a hit, and when that’s out of trend they fall into oblivion.

I’ve had Tarzan Boy for a few years in my playlist, and I haven’t gotten bored with it, which makes it one of my One Hit Wonders.