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Institutes For Parasitepatients


While the medicine was halting the parasites growth and increasing awareness was halting the infection spread, institutes were built.

These institutes were exclusive to treatment of parasitepatients.

They had the medicine to treat, and the means to end the fully infected.

They were there to offer sanctuary to those who were cast out by society or just needed somewhere to live among others like themselves.

The first institute founded is where the 13 patients live.

It was founded by a young man who was infected heavily on his neck.

He wanted a place where infected could live without being bothered by the world, and live as normally as possible.

He was also one of the first experimental patients to try out the medicine that halts the parasites’ growth.

Unfortunately he died not long after the first institute was built, the Institute of Orange.

The heavy side-effects along with the big parasites on his neck choked him to death.

More institutes popped up after that, and over the years the number of infected decreased.

Along with the number of infected decreasing, so did the number of institutes.

When the 13 patients’ stories take place, there is only the Institute of Orange left and around 50 infected left over the world.

Origin Of The Parasite


Still in the early stages of its function, origin… bla bla bla… But here’s what I have so far.

A long time ago (at least 30 years, but I still don’t have a timeline), a new kind of disease struck the world.

A parasite which grows an eye on a victim, usually on the head or neck but never below.

Its goal is to completely cover the victim’s head and neck, which will grant it the power to control the, now dead, victim’s body.

In this state, the parasite can infect others much more rapidly.

The eye of the parasite is ruthless when it comes to expanding.

Everything that surrounds it dies slowly.

The parasite spreads its veins and nervous system as quickly as it can.

This leads to the parasite being impossible to remove without killing its host.

A long time ago, this was a huge crisis, killing the population slowly.

When the medicine was finally there, many millions had died.

However, once you get the parasite you can never get rid of it.

The medicine only stops the parasite from growing.

Next up, the institutes.

Parasitepatient #10


This fellow is the eldest of the 13 patients, I think he looks the eldest of all the others. It can also mean that he’s just 1 day older than the second eldest, but he’s still the eldest.

The parasite latched on to his left ear so now he’s deaf on that ear. If he wiggles his ears, the parasite wiggles too. :3

Parasitepatient #9


Yeeesss… Now we get to the creepy and grotesque part.

This poor patient lost both her eyes to the parasite, I wonder how that must feel. Conversations must be very creepy and awkward.

Also, the dark blue parts are eyelids. Yes, the parasites have eyelids (something’s gotta protect the eyes from dust).