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Worst Burger Ever


Last Sunday I was burger hungry. So I ordered a burger at a pizza place, you know those places that also has kebab and such.

It was the worst burger I’ve ever had the displeasure to get, and for the price it went for it was scandalous.

The course itself was a burger plus fries. I got fries, a bun, a burger, and some sauce. And that was it! Plain burger! No salad, no tomatoes, no cheese, no sauce in between the bun and patty. Even McDonalds don’t fail that hard, their burgers aren’t that good but at least the burgers ain’t plain!

The place itself, I never want to go there again. It has had many owners but it has never been that good. The Swedish tactic when it comes to reacting to bad food is the silent treatment. Either, never order that again or never go there again. Mostly it’s the latter. We should’ve gone to the only seafood place in town, which was just a bit further down the road. That place has the best sea food, the best view, the best atmosphere.

I’m so turned off by burgers now. Even though I was burger crazy yesterday, but just thinking of the plain burger pisses me off.

Instead I ate 7 hot dogs today. Bullens Korv to be precise. So much better.



Dagger/Garnet used to have a horn (on her forehead I presume because Eiko, fellow summoner, does), how come she doesn’t have a scar?

You could say because it was a 10 years ago and that it healed completely. But in a flashback of Doctor Tot’s we were told it was cut off and that she cried while it happened. And if the horn was cut off, it must’ve been cut off close to the forehead and…

If the horn had been cut off with a saw or something like it, there must have been something left of it like a thin layer. And if skin grew over that layer it would still look weird. And if they uprooted the horn, which would probably have some roots to stick, it would’ve looked even worse! It doesn’t add up.

Or maybe they just used magic when Doctor Tot wasn’t looking…

Long Friday


In Sweden, this day used to be a day of sorrow. Since this was the day Jesus died on the cross.

In the older days, any time before 1969, it was forbidden to keep entertainment establishments open during this day. People dressed in black and ate simple food because fun wasn’t supposed to be the theme on the day Jesus died.

Of course kids weren’t allowed to play, and the radio only played hymns. How dull. And I’ve heard that some people used to whip themselves with birch branches to feel the pain that Jesus felt.

Now today,  this day is only a day people are free from work.

Idea For A Web Show


Sometime I’d like to have a little web show as a hobby.

It would have lots of fun props.

I’m not giving any specifics yet, since I’m afraid someone will steal my idea (or maybe it already exists, I don’t know).

I’m gonna use gift money to buy myself a microphone and a camera (which could be handy in animating too).

Premiere, I have no idea. In a year or so, probably in Stockholm where I can get some privacy.

Qualms With My Hair


I can never be quite be satisfied with my hair.

I have always been switching between short and long hair.

At the moment of writing, I have a bit longer than shoulder length hair.

There are many ways I’d like to have my hair.

  • Super long hair.
  • Shaved.
  • Shaved side and the rest I don’t know.
  • Long bangs and short neck (I’m thinking of one particular haircut from Dragon Age).
  • Short & long enough for volume.

I envy people with long hair, most of them are young women, but then I remember that most of them are superficial and spends hours on their looks. Which I refuse to do because it’s stupid.

I have the longest hair I’ve had for about 3 years, and it still grows like weed, but at the same time I lose more hair than ever.

I keep wondering if me losing hair is because of vitamin B deficiency, bad health (although I feel fine physically, mentally… well I have my phases…), just my hair being long or age (I’m already age sensitive o.O).

Of all the things… and I worry for my hair.

What Do You Consider A Nightmare?


A nightmare is usually folded in to the category of a bad dream. A bad dream meaning it had something bad in it, like someone trying to kill you or some really scary imagery straight in your face.

I have a lot of nightmares, but not any traditional nightmares. My dreams leave me with a bad feeling, I often feel upset, anxious or nervous.

Once I dreamed about eating at a restaurant and some tourists who were there were really rude. That haunted me for a while.

I’d like to consider my weird dreams as nightmares, because it leaves me uneasy. Even worse, sometimes I don’t remember what I dreamed about but the bad feeling were still there.

I had a nightmare last night…

Alcohol Sucks


Alcoholic beverages taste like shit, ‘cept that cider many years ago but taste change. I thought when I was young that alcohol was a grown-up drink and that you’d like it then. Now, when I am a grown-up (legally) it still tastes like shit.

Alcohol kills braincells. Drink enough and you kill your liver. Probably some other organs too. You’d probably get cancer quicker, but honestly you can get cancer just from existing nowadays.

If the taste of alcoholic beverages is the reason people drink it, why not drink non-alcoholic? What do you gain from that?

I can admit that drinking is cool – in movies, on TV, in books, in video games… In fiction.

I’m not going rampant about how alcohol is evil and turns people into monster (although it actually does).

I just don’t see the point in it.

Enlighten me. Is there something I’ve missed in life?