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It could be, I don’t know. Haven’t read it yet.

There were flyers on the seats in the metro train when I was heading home today. It’s a two-pager on one paper with tiny text about… impending world war three? As I said I haven’t read it yet, but my first thoughts on the thing was “this is going to be ridiculous”.

I’ll get back to this once I read the thing.

I Test-Played The 3DS Today


It was after I picked up some DS games I ordered yesterday (Pkmn W, Pkmn SS, FF3) I tried my hands at a test level of Super Mario 3D Land.

The little circle d-pad was kinda slow to use, but I guess it’s something to get used to. The game looks gorgeous, like they always do with Mario. The 3D works, but you have to be in the exact middle or it feels a bit sickening.

I suppose 3D while on the public transport will result in nausea then.


Holiday Absence


I was mostly gone my time at home (but suspiciously very active at tumblr). But with the new year and all I’ve got new motivation.

Like this; on the train the seat next to me changed from empty, to one guy, to another guy and finally empty. The first guy was watching Jersey Shore on his laptop. Ew.

My Sense Of Calculating Time…


… has completely melted. I have troubles figuring out when I have to get up and when I’m gonna go to the bus tomorrow!

But then again, this is the last time. EVER. Glorious!

Oh, and I graduate tomorrow. Party all night long with lots of cake and Bullens Korv. I wouldn’t expect any posts, but maybe…

Late Trains


I was going for the 14 train today. It was late. No biggie I thought at first.

Until I saw the board and the expected time was after the original departure time.

While waiting for it I pondered whether I should take the bus instead, since the train was so late.

The train came later than said on the board. By that time I was halfway to the mood of sour.

So you know what? I defied my usual logic and decided to wait 10 minutes for the bus!

I was sour and cranky by then. I didn’t want to go on the train. It wasn’t worthy of my company by that time!

Usually I take whatever is the fastest way home. This time it would’ve been the train. It is, normally, scheduled to arrive home 30 minutes before the bus.

This time I didn’t. I’m kind of surprised.

And to top it all of, the bus was cold. Brrr.