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Why I disappeared for a while – a ramble


Short story: I returned to playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, after not playing it for three days. The story in the game was so good I simply had to play like crazy to get to a good point to stop at.

Spoilers for SWTOR, if you care about that. I just have to vent and ramble for a bit.
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Motion sickness


Before I could not stand playing games in first person, because I’d get motion sickness. Fallout 3 helped me with this.

Earlier today I tried playing Jedi Knight II, but I could only play for 15 minutes before getting sick. It is the swaying that causes this.

And I just did a quick google search for this, turns out there is an option for this. Why I did not see this before I do not know, but never mind I can play again. Silly me.

Steam sale


I’m warming up to Steam. With some excess money I had on my Paypal I bought the Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection, and Kotor for about 16 euro.

I originally planned on getting the Star Wars Collection, but I got the Jedi Knight one since that series was the only thing that interested me. And Kotor of course. A shame Steam doesn’t have Kotor 2.