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A Botanical Garden in Amsterdam Part 7



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Vacation chocolate


So while on my Amsterdam vacation I got my hands on some foreign chocolate. Note: all of them are consumed by now.


I’ve looked forward to tasting Freia chocolate ever since I saw these two videos. I got them at Kastrup airport, and the chocolate is Norwegian. Very delicious, especially the Kvikk Lunsj.


Got these in Amsterdam, in a candy store with mostly chocolate in it. It had Pop Tarts, but they didn’t look very good. Anyway, the brand is Swiss, and the smaller one is almost as good as the Kvikk Lunsj.


This one I picked up at a regular grocery store, I think it’s a big chain of stores. The chocolate tastes like regular milk chocolate, I honestly didn’t expect anything more.


Lastly, English KitKat. Got it at Schiphol. Milk is pretty much the only flavour available in Sweden, so dark and white was a pleasant taste.

And that was it for that trip. I need to go on a chocolate journey to Norway one day.