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I guess it’s unbearable waiting time


Last Fallout related post in a while, unless I get the urge to whine about how much I miss Boone.

I’ve kind of lost my passion/urge to play for Fallout 3 since I finished the main quest plus Broken Steel. I think I did that two days ago. I tried to continue to fuel it with an evil character, but it just didn’t do it. I want to play New Vegas, I may do it in less than two weeks when I go home so I can get internet for Steam, primarily because I have yet to finish it. I know the Capital Wasteland pretty well, but not the Mojave.

So yeah, Broken Steel. It may be because I rushed it, but I thought it was kinda underwhelming. The original ending is so complete that BS (ha ha) feels tacked on. I think the Tesla Cannon was cool, although it was only good for sniping turrets.

I have also replayed Mothership Zeta, it was better than I remembered. So, in ranking. 1) O: A 2) M Z 3) T P & P L & B S

Later, I’ll post some screenshots I took of my good and evil characters.