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Drawing late tonight


I had like 12 hours today, where I could’ve finished a drawing I’m working on. Instead, 90% that time went to Pokémon breeding.

I was only planning on breeding a Totodile with a jolly nature on HeartGold for SoulSilver. I got it, yes, but now I have almost 3 boxes full of Totodiles. It took about 4 hours or so.

Now I hope I can at least finish the rough colouring before bed.

Golden Results


Here’s some useless breeding results for ya!

  • Getting male chocobos was no problem at all, the three first I caught were Good (Lewis) and Great (Roger & Nigel).
  • After more attempts I caught some females too, Great (Susie) and Good (Nathan & Alice).
  • Released Roger and Nathan.
  • Raced the remaining four to B rank, an easy feat once you feed the birds with Sylkis Greens (cloned ’em with the W-item trick, ’cause I’m cheap like that).
  • Lewis and Susie bred forth the Green chocobo Alfred, Nathan and Alice bred (after some resetting) forth the Blue chocobo Carmen.
  • Some racing, and fighting, both S rank Blue & Green birds bred forth Black Walter. At first he was a female named Edith, but my new graphic card has taken a liking to crashing while playing epsxe.
  • Went out to catch some wonderful chocobos, Dave and Petra.
  • Back at the ranch I released Dave and Susie, to make room for the last one.
  • Two A rank birds, Walter and Petra, bred forth the Gold Noah.

So now I could go and get Knights of the Round, Mime and HP<->MP materia from their respective caves.

Accomplishment: Nothing!… Or Maybe?


I brought my DS and Pokéblack up north, starting a new file with a new calculated party. The theme for the mons were flowers! Tulip for the trainer and Daffodil, Lilac, Lavender, Daisy, Dandelion, Coltsfoot for the mons.

I encountered problems.

First, I played for about an hour until I wanted to save. But guess what… I COULDN’T SAVE! Why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO DELETE THE OLD SAVE FILE BEFORE SAVING THE NEW ONE!

I hate this about generation IV and V, YOU CAN’T OVERWRITE THE SAVE FILE! Instead you have to input up+select+b on the start screen to delete the existing save file.

This wouldn’t be a problem if there were more than one save file slot, which is another big problem about Pokémon. What, 15 years later and there’s still only one save slot? Of course this is a trick to sell more, since it’s so preposterous for 2 people to have a save file each on the same game…

But never mind that, let’s continue.

I decided I wanted a female Oshawott (the water starter), and it took about half an hour to get that. After about another hour (just before the first gym) I started to think about the natures of pokémon. You know, if you have this nature you get plus in this but minus in that, and once I started thinking of natures.

So then I spent about an hour and precious cellphone energy to check up natures for my Oshawott and Purrloin. Turns out they had a nature not fitting, so right now I’m at the point where I have to get an Oshawott with the Quiet nature. And my DS is charging its battery.

And then… (last thing I promise) I started thinking of breeding. The daycare comes pretty early in Black, if you’re a fan of breeding then good for you. I’m torn when it comes to breeding, it’s fine if you want a more powerful pokémon but the raising from level 5 and up can be painful. And the wait for the egg to hatch, and you have to get the right nature.

Now that I do have breeding on my mind I probably will breed the ones I can, except for Golett, s/he’s genderless and requires a Ditto to breed, and you can’t get anything outside the Unova dex before beating the Elite Four.

But yeah, that was what I had to say for now…