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Late Trains


I was going for the 14 train today. It was late. No biggie I thought at first.

Until I saw the board and the expected time was after the original departure time.

While waiting for it I pondered whether I should take the bus instead, since the train was so late.

The train came later than said on the board. By that time I was halfway to the mood of sour.

So you know what? I defied my usual logic and decided to wait 10 minutes for the bus!

I was sour and cranky by then. I didn’t want to go on the train. It wasn’t worthy of my company by that time!

Usually I take whatever is the fastest way home. This time it would’ve been the train. It is, normally, scheduled to arrive home 30 minutes before the bus.

This time I didn’t. I’m kind of surprised.

And to top it all of, the bus was cold. Brrr.

Dead Guy On The Bus


On the bus I always sit on the window seats, if they are available that is. It’s because looking out the window prevents motion sickness and I travel longer than the average person who takes that bus.

Today was no different, until I was 5 minutes from home.

Normally people next to me get off at the station before mine, but this guy didn’t. Normally people shift a bit and get prepared to get off, but this guy didn’t.

He had been still the whole journey. Even when I accidentally elbowed him to zip my jacket, he didn’t move.

So I wondered… What would happen if he happened to be dead? I’ve heard of people dying here and there without people noticing until a while after, but all my sources are the internet so I guess that’s not so credible.

I checked if he was breathing. He was very quiet and still. It was too dark to see anything.

Then all of a sudden I sneezed (I sneeze more than the average person), and he moved instantly afterwards!

I don’t know if he woke up then, or decided to act then. Maybe he is one of those people who are afraid of bacteria, I believe there’s a fancy word for that. He almost flew out of the bus, so maybe…

What would you have done if you had been sitting next to a dead guy for an hour and not noticing?