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Cactus update


Text only post today, because I had nothing special to take pictures of today, and it’s too dark for plant pics anyway. Wanted to give an update on my collection of cacti. Check my cactus tag for older pictures, all of the ones I’ll talk about do have pictures there.

My biggest one, my leafier cactus needs more water than I think it does. Yesterday it looked a bit withery, so I gave it some water and it has perked up today. I usually water my cacti twice per month (though only once per month for one in particular), but I think I will start to water this one four times per month. It hasn’t grown any flowers for a while, but then again it never has been very flowery.

My fluffy cactus has grown a lot since I got it back in… whenever I got it. Quite a few years ago, at least five I bet. I think it has at least tripled in height since I got it, and it has never seemed too sickly or had any problems. This makes me pretty happy, since I hate it when plants die.

My newest cactus in the purple pot hasn’t changed since I got it, which was this year. I don’t expect it to double in size or anything, I would be happy if it just stayed healthy as long as possible.

My “armed” cactus is doing quite well at the moment. It could be doing better, but it has been in poor health this year, with arms just withering and drying out. At the moment it has four arms, and I’m hoping it will grow stronger with time.

Lastly, my second eldest, sitting in my Aurebesh Jedi code pot. It isn’t growing thicker, just taller. And at its tip, things are getting interesting, because the tip is twisting itself. I would like it to grow at least a little thicker by the base for some stability, because when it is as skinny as it is now it needs help externally to not topple over and break.

My windowsill is full, so I can’t get any new cacti at the moment. But when I do have more space, I will definitely get a big cactus and let it have lots of sun. A grocery store I frequent does sell some very nice cacti at the moment, and it sucks to have to resist buying some. Oh well~

Cactus update



Sadly I’ve had to throw away my youngest cactus because it was moldy. It went that way probably because of too much water me thinks.

In other news my big cactus has developed one flower bud.

My cacti


I’m supposed to water my cacti on the 1st and 15th every month. I didn’t water them until today, and I took some poorly lit pictures of them.

The eldest, Metroplex. I only notice its growth when it blooms.

Second eldest, which I’ve featured before, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He has grown a lot since I got him, he has almost tripled his base height.

One of the “twins”, Niko Bellic. Has grown significantly since purchase.

The other “twin”, Soundwave. Hasn’t shown much in terms of growth, but you can see a small something in the pot.

The youngest, Christel, not even a year old. She is already showing signs of growth.