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All Gifts – Check + Last Chocolate Picture (!)


I don’t get the inner city malls. They never put up any clear directions (I bet it’s just to trap the poor consumers) and there are too many clothing stores. All the things I were supposed to get today were easily located at the place I intended to visit last.

Also, below is the last picture of chocolate I took at the Chocolate Festival. *sadface*

Perfect Pokédex


Without the event pokémon of course… I was thinking of this when I migrated some cloned master balls from my Emerald. I’ve never completed a single pokédex, because I’ve never had any friends to trade with *forever alone*. I’ve always thought of getting another console so I could trade with myself. Originally I said to myself to not get a 3DS until they made Majora’s Mask for it or any new Pokémon or Zelda game, but that day will arrive sooner with this decision I made just now;

Buy a 3DS in March, the Zelda edition one if it’s still in stock. And Wi-Fi that actually works.

Lunch For The Next Two Weeks


In exactly two weeks I’ll be going home for free food and better internet Christmas, and I want to leave as little food left as possible. Currently I have food to last me for the rest of this week’s working days, oh and there’s that can of Bullens too. I’m thinking either grilled chicken with potato salad or wraps.