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Frozen yoghurt



Chocolate flavor with coconut, mango, and a cookie. Tasted fine, but I definitely prefer ice cream.

Yesterday’s lunch


I had lunch on an island yesterday.

My first ever appetizer I think. It’s garlic-marinated mussels with toast, which on this picture I’ve already eaten half of the dish. This appetizer was so delicious, I frickin’ love mussels.

Main dish, which I ate almost everything of. Except the asparagus. Asparagus is blah. It’s veal entrecôte with some veggies, delicious sauce, spicy butter and pommes frites. Also delicious, the meat was so tender and it needed more sauce because it was so good.

Special cookie we got. This is my mom’s cookie because I ate mine so damn fast. I don’t know exactly what it is, the creme in the middle is what makes it so delicious though. One problem is that it falls apart super easily, so after eating it there were crumbs everywhere.

Rating: 6/5
If I got the opportunity to eat there again, I’d definitely do it.