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Nothing Really Special


Usually I have something to blabber about. This time around my mind is kinda blank. I just wanna put on my stinky hoodie, make a cup of O’boy and watch the latest AT4W episode.

Oh, and I made egg salad again. Yummy.

Awesome Baguette


On pretty much every train station in Sweden there’s a store called Pressbyrån. It sells sandwiches, candy, soft drinks, magazines, etcetera… and it’s expensive there. VERY. They can be expensive, because on most stations the station house is not very big and has only room for one store. Most of the time, the Pressbyrån is the closest store to the station. That’s pretty much why they can keep the prices that high, on bigger stations there are several of them. An example is that you pay for the fruit by number and not by kilograms.

But my point about this is I love the shrimp and egg baguette they sell. By counting today, I’ve only eaten it twice. It has a brilliant balance in taste, and is totally worth the expensive price. Although I want to try my luck at making my own shrimp and egg baguette. I only have to figure out how to make a tasty egg salad.