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The good, the bad, and Uni Steel


More Fallout rambling here.

I recently came to the conclusion that with all the insane preparation I’ve made for playing New Vegas, I have three characters to play with.

The good you may recognize, because I’ve featured her before, is Siadrys Varilo. I had trouble getting her into the game in the cosmetic way, since elf ears, red eyes, and black skin are unavailable in a vanilla New Vegas game (not that I want mods anyway). Instead I went with “what would she look like if she was human?”. Siadrys (in the Fallout universe) is charismatic, her primary weapons is the shotgun and rifles good for sniping, and all of her actions are almost always good.

The bad is Arrille Culumarie, an altmer from Oblivion, because I play the good guy too often. He is quite cold, greedy, power-hungry, and prefers pistols as his weapon of choice. In comparison, Arrille has the brains while Siadrys has the brawns. Also, both of them are sneakers because that’s the way I prefer to play New Vegas (and 3).

Now the last is Uni Steel. She (or he if I wanted it) can be anything I want her to be. As soon as I’ll start playing New Vegas again, she’s the one I’ll play. She’ll gamble like crazy, and obliterate her enemies with her fists. The only thing about her that is consistent throughout all of her versions is her notable red hair, and the name of course.

And that’s about it… for now.

I’m A Sucker For Friendship


When it comes to games with good and evil morality choices, I always go for at least 90% good/nice choices.

I want to be friends with everyone and I do everything to please them. For some reason I have a really hard time being evil. It takes a long time before I have the guts to be evil.

Fallout doesn’t count, since being evil there is much funnier and easier because the characters are so robotic.

The only game I have ever been completely evil on, is Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Or Kotor 2 for short. And that was after at least 4 playthroughs as a good Jedi.

It’s easier to be evil to characters you don’t like, but I like every character (most of the time).

Also, it’s kinda funny that in real life, I’m actually pretty egotistic. Huh… What do you know?