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Entering The World Of Fanfiction & Fan Art Yet Again


Yesterday, when I should’ve been working on my presentation for today (it went great btw), I was squeeing late at night.

I had taken the careful steps into the universe of fanfiction & fan art, into another part of it.

There are many childhood memories of cartoons and games I hold sacred, and I have more or less taken a silent vow not to ruin them with the above.

Because as many probably know: What has been seen can’t be unseen. Or read when it comes to fiction.

Point is – I delved into the hilarity of slash art yesterday, the victim being a cartoon I dearly love.

And it didn’t screw me up. Why?

Because I managed to find something believable. It has now set the bar for anything else I might see.

It wasn’t even the pairing I was looking for. Might never find it though, it’s not that popular I think.