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And That Was That


Despite me forgetting to un-junction Thundaga on Squall and Irvine, it went fine. Omega is a wimp too, but not as much as Ultima.

Was it worth it then? Hell no! (I’ll make this into a gif btw)

The clock ran about 66 hours. That’s 12 more than when I finished the game the first time. All those 12 hours are probably grinding, drawing magic and Triple Triad.

Lastly, this is what I did because I lost a ton of progress in Final Fantasy VII. I still have to finish that game. As long as I don’t get a taste for FFIX again (which is tempting now that I think of it).



It had quite a bit of FMVs. ;D

The whole space thing seemed excessive and interesting at the same time. If the game was more realistic in terms of art design, would it have been more gory and disgusting? One can only wonder…

So… Great game indeed! Battle speed should’ve been faster, game could’ve been longer. I clocked in around 45 hours.

What to play next…

Will Probably…


… finish Final Fantasy IX today!

So far it’s been a great experience, but I never really felt any calm point in the game. No real breather point. And it feels short, in a reverse Dead Space kind of way.

The last disc includes the final dungeon, final boss and I don’t know what. Better be a lot of FMVs in it. They are pretty. :)



Dagger/Garnet used to have a horn (on her forehead I presume because Eiko, fellow summoner, does), how come she doesn’t have a scar?

You could say because it was a 10 years ago and that it healed completely. But in a flashback of Doctor Tot’s we were told it was cut off and that she cried while it happened. And if the horn was cut off, it must’ve been cut off close to the forehead and…

If the horn had been cut off with a saw or something like it, there must have been something left of it like a thin layer. And if skin grew over that layer it would still look weird. And if they uprooted the horn, which would probably have some roots to stick, it would’ve looked even worse! It doesn’t add up.

Or maybe they just used magic when Doctor Tot wasn’t looking…

5 Hours Of Final Fantasy IX


I was thinking of posting earlier today a list of games I have only finished halfway through or games I’ve barely played. And then I started playing FF9, LOL.

Initial reactions then…

FMVs are gorgeous. Settings are gorgeous. Vivi is super cute. The “!” and “?” balloons are very helpful. The ability system is quite good and interesting. Trance system is a slight step back. Combat is super slow in comparison to previous games. I have a hard time accepting Zidane’s & Garnet/Dagger’s age, they look like 12-year olds! Story so far is good, nice humorous change from FF8.

And the time just hit 00:03, so this is considered a Wednesday post when it’s actually a late Tuesday post. :P