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And That Was That


Despite me forgetting to un-junction Thundaga on Squall and Irvine, it went fine. Omega is a wimp too, but not as much as Ultima.

Was it worth it then? Hell no! (I’ll make this into a gif btw)

The clock ran about 66 hours. That’s 12 more than when I finished the game the first time. All those 12 hours are probably grinding, drawing magic and Triple Triad.

Lastly, this is what I did because I lost a ton of progress in Final Fantasy VII. I still have to finish that game. As long as I don’t get a taste for FFIX again (which is tempting now that I think of it).

100 For Everything


I can’t believe the people who attempt “perfect games”, because this is a real drag and alternate music is required. But for me I can’t listen to elder web shows episodes since if I mute the espxe the damn game won’t start (and it doesn’t have a volume menu. But why would it since it’s for a console originally? Anyway, I blame the emulator), so I have to listen to my phone music list to death.

But fuck all that now, it’s done with. Gonna attempt to kill Omega Weapon (Ultima was a wimp). And after that is Ultimecia, the final boss, and somewhat out of the blue main bad guy woman (her final form is so hawt).

Here’s some evidence of many wasted hours.


Scanner & Papercraft


Just ordered a scanner. It can scan paper (will increase the quality of my portrait sketches), photo negatives (so I can finally show off what I’ve been taking pictures of! I’m so proud of many of them) and reversal film (is that what it’s called? I use the phrase diapictures/diapositives).

Also, I just discovered some new milk carton papercraft. I have a horse waiting and another farmer/human thingie on the dry.

I have also been playing an insane amount of Final Fantasy VIII. I feel somewhat dirty.

Breeding Is Bullshit


Chocobo-breeding. It’s such a busywork. Like the battle square, the Gold Saucer mini-games, morphing…

Even though Final Fantasy VII is a great game, it’s full of boring, unnecessary busywork.

I’m only breeding chocobos for Knights of the Round (’cause that summon is awesome). Will also try to defeat some superbosses (lookin’ forward to fight Emerald Weapon).

Also, I finally figured out how the stupid card game Triple Triad (FFVIII) works.

Final Fantasy VIII – Finished The Game


I disagree with Spoony, FF8 is not a piece of crap.

Good things first. I really like the character design, in that they do look like real people. The FMV scenes are gorgeous! The scenery is too, for the most part. Most of the time I could make out what was what.

The story ain’t that bad, although the 3rd and 4th disc feels odd. I mean like the story pulls a drag and slows down considerably. It’s like they put all the good shit in disc 1 & 2 and didn’t have much left for the 2 other discs. Same can be said about FF7, but that’s for another day.

The battle system, & magic drawing system for that part, has its flaws but are overall fun. I still prefer the regular level up system better though. Drawing is tedious as hell, especially in the beginning when you have crappy magic stats.

The encounter-none ability from the devil (Diablos) saved my sanity. The flying garden is cool, but is unfortunately a piece of crap when it comes to traveling the globe. The card mini-game Triple Triad can kiss my ass, because I never bothered with it. Moon-pimples are not cool, at all. Was Adel a transsexual amazon?

I tried two times to beat Omega Weapon, the lack of a decent reward kept me from trying further. Music isn’t as good as previous games, but the boss theme kicks ass. Saw way too little of Esthar. How did Seifer raise the Lunatic Pandora? Ultimecia’s, despite her ridiculous name, final form was disgustingly awesome.

Believe it or not, this is only the second Final Fantasy game I’ve finished fully. This and Mystic Quest (lol). FF games I have almost finished though are IV, VI, VII, XII: Revenant Wings.

So that’s about what I can think up, for now.