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Steam is having their holiday sale, and I just went nuts over it. Bought 10 items. All of them were under 10 euro each, except for a collection.

Perhaps I Invest Too Much?


With most games, the more story driven ones, it feels like I give away a piece of my heart.

This process makes me very invested and involved in the game. So much, even towards the brink of an addiction.

It’s when I finish a game it feels like I slip into abstinence problems, like I quit the investment cold turkey.

Yesterday, because of Dragon Age II, it came to a point where I walked a road in the deep forest crying and stating to myself the causes of my tears. Some frustrations with real life were included reasons, but it was mostly the game’s fault.

I never want good things to end, I always want to find out what happens next.

I feel like an drug addict, but replace the drugs with games instead.

After finishing a game I slip into some sort of melancholy, or the void as I word it, and the crying soothed it. It’s still a little bit of it present, but I can get by more easily.

I don’t think I invest too much, I think it means that I truly love stories in games. When I play, I’m in an ecstatic ruse and I love it.