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Second train


According to my ticket, I’m supposed to take the 17:12 train when I can take the one that departs an hour earlier instead. So now I am on the earlier train. No one sat next to me on the first train, I’d count that trip quite successful.

I’m starting to get really hungry.



Is that even a word? Anyway, I’ve surrounded my head in my hanging jacket listening to LordKaT’s morning show from the beginning of the mouth. Less than an hour left on this train. No one has sat next to me yet, which means I can spread out over two seats. Aw yeah.

Two hours in


I’ve consumed all of my stale donuts, and I have nothing else to eat. Which makes me a bit concerned for later, but I have made long train rides without eating much before so I should be fine – if a little hungry when I reach my destination. Spent half an hour on a survey I got. The best thing about that is my explanation for not picking flight to travel: laziness. Some people are annoying in the quiet area, like the one dude across me who has the volume in his headphones too high. I’m playing Pokémon Pearl at the moment, but I think I’ll stop soon to take a nap or rest a little.