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My One Hit Wonders – Paper Planes


At one of my art classrooms, this one being in the basement but the printers took over it, we had a computer and some loudspeakers. Over the years, students had been able to put their music into it to listen to. In the later parts of my second year, I heard this song and I thought it was catchy. I wondered what was up with the gun shootings and the ka-ching sounds. I took a while before I got the name of the song correct, since I was being artsy and never wandered up to the computer to check the title. I ended up guessing the name on YouTube, with some faulty results before I got to the right song.

At first I only liked the guns and the ka-ching part, but now I like the verses more than the other parts. I don’t honestly know what the lyrics say, and quite frankly don’t care. When it comes to songs with English lyrics I don’t check up on the lyrics to know exactly what is sung, because it can ruin the song for me. I’d rather stay in the unknown and listen to the musical bits. Music is not something deep to me, lyrics often mean nothing. I just appreciate the composition of sounds.

Paper Planes is a song by British M.I.A, made in 2008. Reading the wiki article, I see that this song has some controversy surrounding it but I don’t care.

It’s a great song though.