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My One Hit Wonders – Popcorn


Ah, Popcorn. There’s like a billion covers of this song. But my favourite version, which I’ve had in my playlist for at least 6 years, is the cover by M&H Band. This one has been mislabeled to Kraftwerk for a long time, and I want to clarify that Kraftwerk has never done a cover of Popcorn.

I love Popcorn because the melody is one of the catchiest ever made, and the instruments in this version are awesome. I especially like the part between the “verses”.

The first Popcorn was made in 1969 by Gershon Kingsley, but the tune didn’t hit big until 1972, when Hot Butter made a cover of it. As mentioned before there has been many covers of this song and more will probably come in the future.

Here’s the Hot Butter version, just for fun.