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Farmer And A Horse


Either I’ve become rusty or the designs have become more complicated…

Made me think of this for some reason.

Scanner & Papercraft


Just ordered a scanner. It can scan paper (will increase the quality of my portrait sketches), photo negatives (so I can finally show off what I’ve been taking pictures of! I’m so proud of many of them) and reversal film (is that what it’s called? I use the phrase diapictures/diapositives).

Also, I just discovered some new milk carton papercraft. I have a horse waiting and another farmer/human thingie on the dry.

I have also been playing an insane amount of Final Fantasy VIII. I feel somewhat dirty.

Milk Carton Papercraft – Cow


In general, I adore papercraft and you can get papercraft from the net by the click of a button…

But how often do you make papercraft from a milk carton?

Mu! (Means moo) This will be fun. :D

Some parts were a pain, but that’s because I only used a pair of scissors and not the optimal tools for it.

But look at how cute it is! <3

I should try glue next time though. I have a farmer next…