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Phone and eggs



I got my hands on a new fancy schmancy phone, so I am currently getting comfy with its functions and that.

First picture I took is of my humble egg dinner.

New phone


It’s as big as my Nintendo DS, and it came with a lot of shit which I’ll never use. I guess in time I’ll figure out how to remove all the unwanted stuff. Need to get some proper tunes into it too. The OK desuka from Earthbound is the perfect text message signal.

Time for a change


So, for the past 2 weeks or so, my cell phone’s battery had been crapping out. It’s a Sony Ericsson w850i, by the way. I decided to open the back of it to see what type of battery it had, so that I could get a new one. It took a long time, with the help of some tools to pry the lid open. Turns out, the battery was quite swollen. And by taking the lid off the battery can now never fit again, even if I put the lid back on.

Now I need a new phone. I got to borrow an old pokéball phone from my dad, until I get something permanent. I think it’s time to upgrade phones anyway, it’s been about six years.