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Diablo 3, Pokémon, and SWTOR


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I got a Diablo 3 trial/guest pass/thingie. So far I’ve only played with a female monk named Bidoof. It is very mouse-clicky, which I find tiring, quickly. I’ll try another class the next time I play.

This early afternoon I finally bred forth the Beldum I wanted for my Platinum team. After some grinding throughout the day it is a Metagross now, with the moveset; Thunderpunch, Hammer Arm, Zen Headbutt, and Iron Head. I also did the Stark Mountain event, unlocked the Battleground (where you can partake in rematches against gym leaders), cleared the way to the Pal Park, and walked around in the foggy part of Victory Road with Marley.

Lastly, I finally installed my copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I expected to be able to play directly, because on my SWTOR page it says I have 29 days left to play. But nope, I have to begin a subscription or get a game time card. That’s just douchebag behavior. So I’ve ordered a game time card, will probably get it next week. I don’t know what I’ll play, I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Waiting game


So in my Platinum game, I’m currently waiting.

I want a Metagross, but to get one I first have to;

  • Catch a Ditto in the Trophy Garden.
  • Catch a Beldum in a swarm.

Both of the above are daily events.

I can’t really progress in the game (like the Stark Mountain event or the other part of Victory Road), because I’d hate for Metagross to fall behind (once I have it, that is). Unless I’d want to challenge the Frontier Brains.

Some pokéstats


About like 8 or 9 hours ago I beat the Elite Four (for the first time) on Pokémon Platinum. Here is my team if someone is curious.

Renato – Male Togekiss – LVL 55 – Timid – Serene Grace
Air Slash – Fly – Shadow Ball – Aura Sphere

Burkhardt – Female Milotic – LVL 55 – Bold – Marvel Scale
Hydro Pump – Rain Dance – Ice Beam – Surf

Bernice – Female Mamoswine – LVL 55 – Jolly – Oblivious
Earthquake – Ice Fang – Ice Shard – Stone Edge

Zeleznik – Male Tangrowth – LVL 55 – Sassy – Chlorophyll
Sleep Powder – Power Whip – Solarbeam – Brick Break

Antonia – Female Ambipom – LVL 55 – Adamant – Technician
Double Hit – Aerial Ace – Fire Punch – Return

Fawn – Genderless Giratina – LVL 55 – Hardy – Pressure
Psychic – Thunder – Dragon Claw – Shadow Force